Bam Martin

He couldn’t miss summer 2020 in Poland – our next teacher – BAM MARTIN !!!

  • his real name is Brian Adam Martin (Yup, that’s why it’s BAM) !
  • he began his dancing career in early high school
  • before turning to hip hop style he focused on jazz and technical training
  • at 18 he signed with Bloc Talent Agency, but soon after fell in love with collegiate community, joining GRV in 2007
  • he was twice in MTV show ‘ABDC’, first time with “The Boxcuttuhz”, second with “Mos Wanted Crew”
  • you can catch him at Justin Bieber “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town” video
  • his movements are big, powerful, and quick, and learning them will push you both physically and mentally

Really happy that Bam will join us again !!! he killed it last summer! Don’t miss the 14th EDITION of THE BIGGEST EDUCATIONAL DANCE FESTIVAL in EUROPE! 9-19 August 2020