Ian Eastwood

  • he is not only a dancer & choreographer but also a creative director
  • he found dance at the age of 10 & after his first class he said he wants to do it for the rest of his life
  • he was training also jazz and ballet (!)
  • he is very interested in making music and freestyle, it’s also the reason why his style is so unique and irreplaceable
  • he made his first YT video when he was 13 (called DJIcon then)
  • he is a creator of the first in the world dance mixtape called ‘Adult Lessons’
  • he made a company with his parents named ‘Young Lions’ representing the young and hungry upcoming youth
  • We know each other & work together for 10 years now (!) and we are extremely proud of this guy, what he brought and brings to dance industry and what he already achieved!