Facts about Johnny: 

  • at the young age of two he was performing for everyone, anytime AND anywhere
  • he is a Dancer, Choreographer, Entertainer, and Rap Artist (!)
  • began his professional career since the age of 9, then he also became a member of the renowned Miami-based group, HIP HOP KIDZ
  • someone wrote: „When he isn’t on a world tour, he is working on award shows, TV shows, music videos or live performances” and we cannot disagree, JBlaze definitely likes rocking big stages! 
  • Johnny has danced with Justin Bieber, Usher, Chris Brown, Jordin Sparks, J-Lo and mooooore! 
  • he has both – a motivating and driven personality, he is a positive role model for anyone looking to get into the entertainment industry

    Really happy and excited that he will join us again !