Nika Kljun

Stolen our hearts from the first meeting!

  • she is dancing since the age of 3 (!)
  • her parents have a dance school ‘Bolero’ and they both were dancers too
  • Nika got the prestige title of ‘Slovenian Ambassador of Dance’
  • she trained in jazz, tap, latin, ballroom, funk but mostly fell in love with hip hop
  • during her classes she also wants to prepare dancers for the future experience what is STAGE performing & she brings the energy out of her students
  • she brings the heat and “magic” into every her class
  • she has worked as a dancer on major projects with artists like Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Justin Bieber & more
  • Nika’s resume as a dancer, choreographer, and instructor is impressive, but she is equally known for her enthusiasm and passion for dance

She absolutely adores sharing her love for dance with hundreds of thousands of students, as she aims to bring them joy, knowledge, and confidence through the art form